Kayak Across the Pacific Ocean

Now I have to start out with the truth: I love my iPhone. It has really made my life easier. But seriously, the maps app is a little clunky sometimes. Recently it has been so slow to work that I cannot get directions fast enough to use them.

Anyway, this week Matt and I decided to go disc golfing at our local course. We put in Westwood Disc Golf Course and were pretty shocked when the result was over 5,000 miles away. Just to see, we decided to start reading through the directions. It all sounded fine..head north on I-5, cross into Canada, blah blah normal (although wrong we knew since the course is like 6 miles away and south). Then we were hit with fits of laughter on the next direction: kayak across the Pacific Ocean. WHAT?! Someone seriously wrote that into the program. We could not stop laughing. But it gets better. After about 15 turns through Hawaii (driving the kayak I can only assume) the direction again had us kayak across the Pacific Ocean…this time to China. From then on the directions were in China eventually landing us in Australia where I can only assume there is a Lakewood Disc Golf Course.

Fortunately we found the correct location when driving and had a great time playing 11 holes. Guess it pays to question these super phones every once in a while 🙂


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