Combing through Craigslist

With my parents car parked out front this weekend Matt and I took the opportunity to aquire some new furniture for the house. On Friday I went to Ballard to pick up a beautiful antique dresser that I found on Craigslist. Curved front, great condition, the prefect size. I am thrilled. We so badly needed more clothing storage because the closets in this house are tiny.

We also desperately need some more bookshelves. We have boxes of packed up books in the office with nowhere to put them. I found two bookcases yesterday on Craigslist, one of which was still available so we went to pick it up last night. It is nice and in decent condition, but when we got it home we realized that it must have come from a smoker because it smells. Not pleasant and not what we wanted. Matt is going to try and clean it today to get some of the smell out, and it is not too strong, so we will see what we end up with. Worse comes to worse we relist it on Craigslist and pass it along.


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