Breaking in the Backyard

What an awesome weekend! Sunshine and time at home…perfect combo. Saturday morning Matt and I went to get doughnuts and brioche at a West Seattle bakery that we had never tried. I think we found a new favorite. J We took the coffee and treats down to the beach and had a picnic in the sun. The Olympic mountains were out in their snow topped glory in the sunshine, a perfect PNW morning.

After breakfast we drove down Harbor Drive taking our time on the way to Costco. We picked up hotdogs and other essentials for a BBQ, then rushed home to make final preparations before the afternoon event. Matt made burgers and mowed the grass while I weed whacked and pulled together decorations and guacamole. It was unfortunate that he had to go into work at 1 and was not able to hang out until almost 9 that night. Everyone still had fun through.

Our friends Kelsey and Bryant came to spend the night Friday and Saturday and it was fun to have guests. Now that we have space we love opening our house to friends and family!

Sunday started early with Matt working at 7. I walked to the farmers market to buy some tomato plants, visited Matt and work, and then came home to garden in the sunshine. I made some great progress, and got some sun too! By the time 1:00 rolled around I was beat, dirty and ready for a nap. A nap turned into reading, and then when Matt came home we drove to Tacoma for Grandpo’s birthday. After getting home we stayed up talking and did not get nearly enough sleep. I guess this week will just be another sleep deprived one.

I am in Spokane on Wednesday. Another flight. Joy. Vacation in a week. Cannot wait to get some beach time in!

PS ~ I am totally addicted to the Instagram app on my phone. These pics are so much fun!!!


One thought on “Breaking in the Backyard

  1. We had such a great time with you guys this weekend! Thank you again for opening up your fantastic home to us! And I’d say that the first BBQ in your new backyard was a major success 🙂

    I totally forgot to text you about going to Pike Place until it was too late…but it sounds like you had a pretty busy Sunday morning/afternoon anyway!

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