Photo Book Addict

I admit it. I am addicted to publishing photo books. So far I have completed my 4 years of college, trip to Seychelles, semester in Zanzibar, a trip to St. Croix, and am working on the cruise, the first year with Matt, and my parent’s wedding album. I love it. The layout design brings me back to my days as yearbook editor in high school, and lets me revisit my love for photography over and over again with every page.

Making these books is addicting. I love the clean lines, inventing new themes and layouts that I can carry a story through. So much fun. Could I just do this for a living? Please?

Just a note to all those who may be interested in trying out making a photo book: I use for most of my publishing needs. I have had great success with their book quality and the software is easy to use, giving you premade or totally flexible layouts. They are lacking in lay-flat page books (what I would like to do for higher end books like weddings etc) but the standard pages are great for everyday memories.


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