Litter Box Move

I am happy to report that our cats have crossed another milestone: the litter boxes are in the basement!

When we first moved into our new house Lola’s room was the office and Alki had the upstairs, each with their own litter box to avoid potentially unpleasant unhappy cat messes. Well, living with litter boxes in the living spaces of the house is not the greatest, so we replaced the basement door with one equipped with a cat door.

The goal: move the litter boxes to the basement.

The challenge: getting the cats to share the basement with each other.

On Saturday Matt made the big move and put both boxes downstairs and then locked the cats in for the day. They both did fine and are now happily (yet begrudgingly) sharing the space! Hooray! I celebrated by cleaning the old “cat rooms” which are now fresh and clean and feel like a house again. Our happy little family is feeling one step more settled in the house.


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