To Pullman in a Big Yellow Bus

Yesterday I rode across the state in a big yellow schoolbus with the Northshore class I work with for a science competition called Imagine Tomorrow. These kids have been working on projects on how to make the world of the future more sustainable, and their projects are great. We spent the evening hanging out at the rec center and dorms (ah, it is good to be back in Pullman!) and then finally crashed after dorm food dinner. Today they are presenting for 7 hours and I am just hanging out and being supportive.

I miss Pullman. I miss college too. But life at home is pretty good too. Thursday night Matt and I went over to Beth’s house – as in the HOUSE she just BOUGHT! – for dinner and good company and wine. We ate out on the deck looking out over the Sound and Olympic mountains in the evening sunshine. Awesome. It is really fun having her so near again so that we can become friends again. Sadly she is shipping out again next week for 3 months on her oil tanker (she is a 3rd Mate) so it will be September before we hang out again.

With all this travel I am getting really ready for a weekend at home with Moose to just do nothing but relax and work on the house. It is fun but exhausting to be gone this much, and I miss seeing him.


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