Oatmeal at 4:15 AM

Mom and I had a great trip to Iowa last weekend. Wedding, seeing the Ely family (I can’t wait to travel with them!), seeing old houses, laughing with mom, and visiting the Bridges of Madison County (in the rain). Good weekend. Topped off by some airfare bump vouchers. Awesome!

Now I am off on another adventure…this one a lot less fun and really exhausting. I am sitting at the Seattle airport after getting up at 4:05 for a flight to Santa Ana, CA for a full day of auditing a building. I fly back late tonight. Long day. My sweet Matt got up with me this morning and made me oatmeal for breakfast, made sure I had everything and sent me out the door with a big hug and kiss. He really is the most considerate and genuinely wonderful man. I guess true love is oatmeal at 4:15am.

I am getting tired of flying. I am just straight up tired. But this is my life at the moment and I am going to enjoy every second of it. I sure am looking forward to a weekend at home though…in June.


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