10 Months

Yesterday Matt and I passed a milestone: 10 months! We are in double digits! Well, it was not really that unlike any other day of the week, but it was cool to recognize that we have already been together that long.

Update on our kitties:

They are getting along much better! Not what I could call “best buddies” yet by any means, but they are able to share space in the living room and get pretty near each other without flipping out. They are pretty territorial about their own “rooms” – Lola’s is the office and Alki has the upstairs. That is where they are put when we are at work or at night. We are trying to transition their litter boxes to the basement (thanks to the new kitty door in the kitchen!) but Alki has also now decided that the cat door is HERS and will not let Lola anywhere near it. That does not work so well if litter boxes are downstairs…hummm, we will need to figure that one out soon. At least she uses the cat door…

After being out of town all weekend the grass in our yard was so long. Matt mowed the front yard yesterday afternoon before we went to Grandpo’s, but we still need to work on the back. I seriously need to tackle some weeding and edging too…ah the joys of a house! We are loving it!

Happy 10 months to my Moose ❤


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