4 Days of Sunshine

4 days + sunshine + 90-95 degree weather + visiting family = a great weekend getaway with Matt

Last night we got home from 4 days of sunshine and heat in Tucson where we were visiting my grandparents for the weekend. It had been 12 years (12 years!!!) since I was there last, and we had a blast.

Friday: Our flight was not till almost 12 so that gave us time to hang out with the kitties, sleep in, and get the house in order before driving the airport. We stopped at Trader Joe’s for lunch to take on the plane, then got to the airport in perfect timing. I sure liked this better than the crack of dawn flights I have been on recently! Non-stop to Tucson was pretty quick, and we were greeted by smiling grandparents and 95 degrees…and cactus! Matt was in love with the saguaros. We had dinner with Aunt Margie and Uncle Bill and Cindy on the back patio. It was a fun meal and a new cuisine for me: raclette. Super fun and yummy!

Saturday: The hottest day of our trip, so we headed to the hills (literally). After watching my second-cousin-once-removed (I think) Ethan’s t-ball game, we had breakfast at a coffee shop and then drove up Mt. Lemmon. Of course there was a bet going as to what the temperature at the top would be. I won but my guess was still a few degree cooler than it actually was. Mt. Lemmon is 9157 feet above sea level, and is quite the drive up from Tuscon. We drove through saguaro forest desert at the base up to a forested stunning mountain top that was almost 30 degrees cooler at the top. Grammy and Gaga dropped us off for a hike and then we met them for a picnic at the other end.

After driving down the mountain Matt and I decided to hit the neighborhood pool. We had the whole thing to ourselves and had fun swimming and laying in the sun. Dinner was steak salads made with the leftover raclette meat from Friday.

Sunday: Mother’s Day! Matt and I made Grammy breakfast: veggie frittata, morning glory muffins, fruit salad and millionaire’s bacon. MMMmmm! So good. The rest of the day we pretty much just lazed around by the pool. Matt was getting a sore throat so a down day was perfect.

Sunday night was another epic family meal: this time a picnic at Read Park for

the Tucson Pops outdoor concert. Matt and I made a huge salad, and the rest of our extended family pitched in with fried chicken, carrot puff, fruit, strawberry shortcake, potatoes, wine, and lemonade. We listened to the music under the stars curled up on a blanket surrounded by so many people I love. We got to visit with cousins (I use that term loosely because they are really my dad’s cousins kids but this is easier) that I had never even met. None of them were born last time I was in AZ! It was great to see everyone.

Monday: Last day. We got up, ate breakfast on the patio, then packed up for a hike in Sabino Canyon. We took the tram up to the top then Matt and I hiked a 2 mile trail to meet up with Grammy and Gaga. It was beautiful! The clouds kept changing and we had the trail all to ourselves. It was stunning and not too hot at all. Perfect last day adventure. When we got home from the hike we had picnic leftovers for lunch, showered, and then packed up for the airport. Goodbye cactus…it was fun. We will have to go back soon.


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