Two Years Ago: Graduation

Today I read a blog that inspired me. It was written by a girl who has just graduated from college, is moving on to the next stage of her life, and is so excited for things ahead. The post sounds like it could have been written by me two years ago when I started on this chapter of things in Seattle. I loved reading about feelings that are still so prominent in my life. I am still excited every day for discovering the perks of being in the real world and shaping my life how I want it to be. I am passionate about changing the world through my work and activities here. I love having a house and sharing life with Matt. I love the free time of no homework at the end of a long day (though that is soon to change when grad school is added back into the picture in September). For all these things I love, I do still miss my friends and the close knit community of college. I do miss living within ¼ mile of every one of my friends. Now we are scattered across the country focused on jobs, our boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses, getting through grad school or looking for jobs. Conversations are no longer held between classes or yelling over the noise at the bar, but in quick passing Facebook messages or texts. I still miss them. And I know that our bond will forever be cemented in place from those 4 years.  

My four years of college ended with graduation exactly 2 years ago this weekend. (You can read that entry here) It was the start of a new chapter to a life that I love and make the most of everyday.

To my new blog friend out there, all the best in your new chapter, and I hope you find all the happiness and joy that comes with living each day to the fullest.


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