Spring Tease

Spring in Seattle has been cold this year. Flowers are late, rain is still falling like it’s February, and I have only worn my chacos once. ONCE! And it’s already May!

This weekend we got a taste of the Spring that we have craved all winter. Saturday started out cold and rainy (downpour might be more accurate) but by 11 am it was sunny and starting to warm up to 60. I did house chores in the morning, and then as the sun came out, broke out the gardening gloves, shorts and a shovel and started working on my yard. We have a brand new deck (yay) that has a messy finish job (no yay) that left mud and rocks in an uneven very muddy-turning-to-cement section of our yard. I decided to tackle that first and went at it with a shovel for a few hours. I am happy to say that it now looks much better and is ready for some grass seed. Now I just need to get the rest of the gardens weeded…

Saturday night my parents came down to visit. They brought the massive green chair I had been storing there, as well as a new door for our kitchen that has a cat door! Woohoo…litter boxes in the basement will be so nice! Matt and I were running errands and out around town till 5, then came home to put dinner in the oven before they arrived. Try as we did, dinner did not go in the oven until 2 minutes before mom knocked on the door. Oh well, it was just a long conversation filled evening with dinner a little late. We downed 2 bottles of wine and had some amazing sausage/potato/onion/pepper bake that Matt put together. We swapped stories and laughed a ton, it was a lot of fun. By the time we all went to bed it was almost 11 and wer were all exhausted.

Sunday morning we went to Portage Bay Cafe for breakfast and used the gift certificate from my aunt and uncle (thank you!). Breakfast was wonderful, full of good food and more laughter and stories. We then went home to hang the door and fix a few last minute things before driving to Gig Harbor to welcome my aunt and uncle and their 3 girls who moved on Saturday! Matt had to work that afternoon. Bummer.

We loved Kim and Doug’s new house. It is right on the water and could not be a more perfect place. The deck is massive and will be a wonderful place this summer. I am so excited to have them close. Unfortunately, I was starting to feel really sick as we drove to Gig Harbor, and by the time we got there I could barely talk from a sore throat. Some tea helped, as did the sunshine and hugs from little giggly cousins, but when we got back to West Seattle all I could do was crash. I felt awful. On such a beautiful day too. What a shame.

Monday I stayed home from work and slept and drank tons of tea. Finally started to feel better in the afternoon and managed to get some work done. Wireless internet is amazing. Matt brought home ingredients to make chicken noodle soup so we had that and watch An Officer & A Gentleman and reminisced about Port Townsend. I love that place. By the time we went to bed I was feeling much better and ready for a good night’s sleep.

Friday we go to Tucson!!!


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