Photography Class

In December I bought my first Canon SLR (a Canon T2i). My patience for user’s manuals is limited, so I just barely scanned the basics and have been shooting happily away ever since. I have always known that my pictures could be better and that I am not truly using my camera to it’s full potential, so when a Groupon for a photography class came up, I jumped on it.

Last Friday I was in class from 2:30 until 9 PM at the Museum of Flight…a long time to absorb a ton of information after a long week of work. But it was incredible. I learned how to actually use my camera for what it is, and get out of automatic mode and put ME in control of my photos. Are they better? Not yet, but I understand why they are not right, and can now do something about them. I understand so much more about what I am doing and cannot wait to practice. The course was taught by a pair from LA, Capturing True Emotion. I was a little hesitant about the class size (100-300 people were expected…ours had probably 150) and the “mass produced” feeling I initially got from the website, but these two instructors were AMAZING! Their presentation was so clear, so useable and so simple but full of information that I really was able to learn it well. I could not be happier with my choice to go.


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