Friday Download

Ahhh, Friday!

One week till Matt and I are in Arizona on a well deserved break visiting my grandparents and getting some sunshine!

Matt’s manager at work has been making is life miserable at work, which really makes me mad. He enjoys working there, but people are in his way of being productive and doing his job well. He talked to the owner about it so we are hoping that things will change for the better soon. Until then, I am just working to keep his spirits up and make sure that he knows that he is a hardworking and wonderful person.

It was fun checking out pictures of the Royal Wedding. I thought Kate’s dress was perfect. I was not willing to stay up all night to watch though.

Work for me is S-L-O-W right now. A bunch of projects are on hold, or stopped, and that makes for a day with too much down time. I am most productive when I have deadlines and have to organize. When I have too much time I procrastinate. Plan vacations. Think about fun things rather than work. I count down minutes to the weekend.

Today is luckily a shortened day for me. I put in some extra hours earlier this week so that I can take off at 2 for a photography class tonight at the Museum of Flight. I am excited to learn some new tricks with my camera, then try them out in AZ and Vieques! Mom and dad are spending the night tomorrow night so that we can play Settlers and then go help my aunt and uncle move on Sunday. The weather looks rain free for now, which means that they can bring down some more furniture for our house! The house is looking good…the living room is clean and now just needs to be painted. Matt worked hard the past two days to get stuff put away so we feel like it is home now. And it feels so good!

Tulips are blooming in the yard. It is getting a bit warmer. Come on Spring! We want to see you before Summer arrives!


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