Clean Teeth for a Busy Week

Call me crazy, but I love going to the dentist. This morning I had an appointment and now I feel sparkly and clean.

Work is dull right now. We are in between projects and I am working on some politically challenging things like writing the Sustainability Mission Statement for the company. Talk about the power of words. I feel like I have to walk on eggshells sometimes. Persistence. Patience. It will pay off right?

This week is full of fun evenings. Last night Matt and I had a date night going to the Trader Joes Silent Film Series at the Paramount. This twice yearly month long event features silent films on Monday night accompanied by the mighty (and note: original) Wurlitzer organ. We saw Buster Keaton’s The Cameraman and loved every second of it. What a brilliant film! The whole audience was laughing and cheering on Buster as he struggled over and over to win the heart of his leading lady. Wonderful.

Tonight is dinner at Grandpo’s in Tacoma. I am going to meet Matt’s uncle and his family so that will be fun. I hope I am awake enough to be social. I was having crazy insomnia last night and slept for only about 3 hours. Not typical. The rest of the week is fun stuff too, topped off by my parents visiting on Saturday night and then we are going to help my aunt, uncle and cousins move from Boise to Gig Harbor! I am SO EXCITED to have them so close!


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