Happy Bunny Day

I spent the weekend at my parents up in Ferndale…poor Matt has to work 26 hours this weekend. Ug. We sure missed having him up in Ferndale. The yard looked amazing. How my parents have the time and patience to keep up with that amazing place is beyond me. They are truly cool people and I love visiting them. We went on a tour of the Van Wingerdon’s greenhouses (one of the largest nursery plant producers in the county). It was really interesting and stunningly beautiful. After that we went to the bank, ran some errands and stopped by Greg and Christy’s to say hi. We invited them for dinner so they joined us at 7 along with the Chaplin’s for a fun evening.

Saturday was sunny and warm (almost 65!). I took full advanatge of the sun and ran around in my swimsuit, gardened, walked around the yard with dad to have him give me the most recent news on all his baby plants. He is really going to town with the daffodil breeding. It is really cool to see him so interested in something. It will keep mom sane once he retires! I also washed down a door that we are cutting and inserting a cat door for our house. We finished it on sunday so mom and dad will bring it down next week.

Today was pretty slow. We had plaintains and pancakes for breakfast, then had an easter egg hunt for Gracie (she is almost 2) before it rained. We sat around and ate soup, packed the car and I headed back to Seattle. I am really tired, but managed to mow the grass, meet one of our neighbors, and clean up some of the house, do some laundry, and run the dishwasher. Now I need a shower and Matt to get home so I can go to bed! Thanks for the leftovers mom…I am excited to not cook dinner tonight!

Happy Easter everyone!


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