Exploring Our Own Backyard

I love where we live. West Seattle is within the Seattle city limits, but we feel like we are living in a small town that is filled with community and character and not the hustle-bustle of city streets. From our new house it takes me 8 minutes to get to work, 20 to get home, and Matt is less than 2 miles from the Fish Co. We live on a quiet street, but can get to Downtown Seattle via the viaduct (for the time being) in 15 minutes.

We are constantly finding new things that make this place special. There are tons of great restaurants, the funky old Admiral Theatre, “our park” near the Junction (our first date location), parks, the beach, and the water taxi. Last night we discovered another gem…Camp Long. It is directly across 35th from where we live, so we decided to go out for an evening walk and check it out. This old camp is so cool! It was designed to be a camp and environmental learning center (think boy scouts) back in the 30s. It is home to the first manmade rock climbing wall in the US, has 10 little cabins, a beautiful fire ring, and a community center surrounded by 65 acres of trails and woods. It is an awesome little spot! We are planning to take a Frisbee down there soon.


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