Weekend of Painting & BGI

After another glorious weekend in Seattle I am happy to report that we made some progress on the house! Friday night I edged the office in green so it was ready to roll on a final coat. Saturday Matt had some friends over while I was visiting BGI (more about that in a few paragraphs). Sunday I rolled the walls, went to lunch with Lana, came back for a final coat, and then painted the trim in the hallway. Wow does it look better! We are so excited to put the office together tonight! One room done! (of course “put together” also includes filling the room with our bedroom stuff so it may not look that much better. We are picking bedroom and bathroom colors tonight. Progress!!!

Saturday at BGI was Admitted Student Day…oh it was amazing! I am so excited to start there in the fall! As soon as I got home I sent in my acceptance and am not officially enrolled! The students and teachers I met were so unique and inspiring, and the community of the campus was just amazing. I can tell that this program is unique and exactly what I was looking for. I have never felt to welcome into a new group of people before in my life, and can already tell that I am going to make some great friends at this school. Looking forward to September!


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