Paint Chips

Now that the new light fixtures are hung and the refrigerator is full, we are ready to start on the larger projects around the house…like repainting all the rooms. Matt and I have been playing with color trying to make the old house A) look fresh and clean, and B) ours.

The kitchen is currently primer white, so we are going to paint the cabinets and molding in a pretty creamy white (the current trim color in the rest of the house) and the walls in a bright cornflowerish yellow. It must be a color that I am drawn to because the yellow selected is identical to the one I used in my Pullman kitchen! For the office we are doing a dark grey green with cream molding (and a clean white ceiling since the current one is a light pink…ick). The molding in the house is all banged up so a fresh coat of paint will make a HUGE difference.

Task 1 – go to Home Depot (again) after work to pick up a long paint roller extension bar and a gallon of office wall paint.

Task 2 – pain the bathroom cabinet interiors with Kilz2 to get rid of the mold that mom found

Task 3 – paint office ceiling, then walls, then trim

Task 4 – pick out color for the bathroom, paint bathroom

Task 5 – paint kitchen walls, then cabinets

Throughout all of these steps:

  • move boxes around so that we can function in the house
  • Keep the cats contained so that they don’t track paint around the house
  • Keep the cats entertained so they don’t go crazy in isolation
  • Remember that this is FUN and will be totally worth it!

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