Moving Weekend

Well, we are moved in! Unpacked, no, cleaned, no, but we have us, our things, and our kitties all under one roof!

Moving weekend got off to a rocky start when I was too sick to go in to work Thursday and Friday. I was really afraid that it was strep (thank goodness it was not) and by the time Saturday morning rolled around I was functioning at 90% again. Matt and I went to collect Top Pot doughnuts and the Uhaul truck and then met my parents and his mom at our new house. After lots of squealing and tours around we started on load #1 of the day at my old apartment. My 2 we were starving but still working away, and headed to Matt’s to fill up the truck again. By the time we returned the truck at 5 (an hour late but they did not charge us…phew!) we were all sweaty, tired and dusty from all the moving. My friend Beth and her mom saved the day with a homemade pot of chili! Boy were we grateful! While people were chowing down sitting on boxes Matt and I escaped the chaos and went to the grocery store for beer and a Papa Murphy’s stuffed pizza (dinner round 2 after we unpacked).

Back at the house we unpacked and moms scrubbed the kitchen cabinets. The pizza was awesome. By the time 8’oclock rolled around we were dead on our feet and so ready for showers.

Our kitties, Alki and Lola, are currently partitioned apart from each other…Alki upstairs and Lola in the office. They are now comfortable enough that they want to explore so we are starting the introduction process. Lola keeps wondering why the upstairs door hisses at her…I hope this is not too rough of a process.

Sunday Matt had to work so mom, dad and I got the last few things from my apartment, swept it clean and pulled away. That chapter is closed. Back at the new house though we had tons to do. Lots of scrubbing and 3 trips to home depot later we had 3 new light fixtures, a semi-full kitchen, a stocked freezer and a clean bathroom. Now on to the painting! Matt and I picked a fun yellow for the kitchen, and probably a mossy grey green for the office, and will need to redo all the molding in the house in a creamy white. Should be very pretty but lots of work. We need boxes out of the living room first. It was slightly overwhelming being in the house alone after my parents left and having so much to do. Matt worked till 8:30 so I unpacked and organized at least enough so that we could sit down to eat and not feel too boxed in. I slept so well.

I know I promised photos. If the internet at home is up and running tonight I will try to get some posted. We love our house!!!


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