Home Again

Oh it feels SO GOOD to be home!

The past week has been great, but extremely exhausting. Thursday morning my alarm went off at 3:30am, I jumped on an all day flight to Philadelphia with my boss, had 2 hours of meetings then worked till midnight, then got up at 5:30 (East Coast time…aka 2:30am my time…ug) for a full day of meetings and presentations. After the very successful day, I jumped on a train to go visit my aunt and uncle in Honey Brook, PA. It was really fun riding the train again, I used to commute on it every day when I was working at the EPA in Philadelphia.

It was so great getting to see my relatives and hang out rather than going straight back to the airport. Saturday morning we unloaded and spread a whole load of mulch (in 26 degree weather), ate lunch, and then went for a trail ride around Marsh Creek. I had not been on a horse in 3 years and it came back really quick. It felt awesome riding through the countryside in the sunshine and freezing cold. Gracie is a wonderful horse and I had missed riding her. Saturday night my cousin Rachel came down to hang out. It was great seeing her too.

Sunday flew by, just having a slow morning and then going to the airport. I met up with Peter there and we got on the plane to come back to Seattle…of course it left almost an hour late so that was not ideal. There was no movie either which made 6 hours go by really really slowly.

It felt so good to be home! Matt and I just ate salads and went straight to bed. I slept like a rock.

So what happened when I was out for 4 days you ask? We got keys for the house!!! Matt picked them up on Friday so we are allowed to be excited about moving for real! I called to switch utilities into my name, we are making extra house keys, and tonight going to have a picnic at the house and figure out where to put furniture. We are so excited to move on Saturday!


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