Off to Philly

Once again, I am getting on a place to fly off for work…this time to Pennsylvania. My boss and I leave at 6am tomorrow (ug) for an all-day meeting on Friday. I am spending the weekend with my aunt and uncle in Honeybrook and am really excited to see them. Sadly, this trip means that I have no more weekends in my old apartment.

Matt and I took advantage of this fact and sat out on the seawall last night with a bottle of wine and just watched the waves and mountains and view, taking in every second of it that we have left. I love my apartment. I doubt I will ever have a view like that again. It has been a great place to live these past 18 months. Even if my house was not being torn down, staying would not be my choice because the houses next to me are being torn down too, and living next to a construction site is not my ideal summer, even if it is on waterfront property.

Matt and I have a U-haul reserved, and the promise of Top Pot doughnuts to bribe our parents to come help us move. I am so excited! With this trip to Philly I feel like moving day will creep up on me really fast. I better at least start thinking about packing!


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