It is finally FRIDAY!!!

What a week. None of the projects I am working on at work are interesting, and they are all super tedious. Yes, I am very grateful to be employed and at a company that treats me well and I like working for, but I am going to take two seconds and complain about my projects. They are boring and life sucking. Ick. Ok, I’m done.

On to better news! Matt and I have three houses lined up to go see tomorrow. Two are in a less than desirable location but are nicer and more expensive; the third is in the area we want, cheaper, but looks less nice. We will have to see what we find! We are going to sleep in and make a good breakfast then go house hunting. We are still not sure what the afternoon will hold, possibly a trip to Vashon Island and then come home to slow cooked baked beans and Boston brown bread. I found the recipes this week on Simply Recipes (a great blog with great real food) and really felt inspired to make them.

My back is still bothering me off and on, I did make it to the gym yesterday and lifted and went for a short swim. That felt good. I am excited to have a weekend (or at least a Saturday) to just relax with my boy!


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