Appearances Can Be Deceiving

I have dreamed about this house for the past two years; wondering what is inside, what the kitchen really looked like. I imagined how cozy and cute and warm it must be. The perfect house for me to live in…near the beach, quiet street, cute house with a nice yard.

Well, from the street, well, actually even from the front porch, this house looked like all of the above and more. Yesterday when I was able to actually go inside, I learned how much the exterior image can hide. The house was the most oddly laid out floor plan I had ever seen. The bathroom and bedroom and closet were all essentially one space separated by odd doors, only one central heat vent (4×3 on the living room floor?) and the kitchen did not make sense. The cabinets were cool, but old and gross and falling apart. Plus, when I found out the rent was not $1300/month but actually $1300/mo + $50 yard maintenance non-negotiable, that sealed the deal that this was not the house for us.

I walked away feeling good about not renting it, and also felt good at finally ending the mystery of my “perfect house”. It is not so perfect, so I guess I get to just keep on looking. Matt and I are back to the drawing board on Craigslist to see what else we can find. I am starting to feel the pressure of my lease ending (and house getting torn down) and really want to find something.

Back update: last night I had PT and Maren really worked on my lower back with some deep tissue massage and then ultrasound to get way inside. This morning my back pain is much less, but it is so tender to the touch that I am going to need ice today. I hope this helps. I am really ready to have my back back.

We are planning to drive to Pullman tomorrow morning. The pass was closed on Monday so we are a little nervous about the drive (getting stuck in Eastern WA from the pass closing more than actual driving conditions) but if the weather forecast looks ok we are going to go. I cannot wait to eat dinner at Sellas tomorrow with Pullman friends (that reminds me, I need to let some people know that plan! Kelsey/Bryant…want to go to pizza?), 80s night with Kathy, show Matt my old house, have him show me his old house, eat Ferdinand’s Ice Cream in the snow, cheer on the Cougs at the UCLA game IN PERSON, and just wander around campus and reminisce about college. I miss Pullman and am so excited to go back and see it with Matt.


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