A Few of my Favorite Things

We acquire so much stuff in this thing called life. I have made it one of my top priorities to minimize the “things” that take up space around me, and really focus on those that will be used, cared for, and actually are worth my investment. Over the past few years I have begun to par down my belongings, and here (just for the fun of it and so that it hopefully inspires you to clean house!) are a few of my all time favorites:

  • Green ceramic mixing bowl set – perfect for making cookies, storing fruit, putting together a big salad, and they are pretty!
  • Clarisonic Mia face scrubber – this is a new addition, and it worth every penny. This thing is not hype…my skin is 110% better than it was a month ago because of this little amazing device
  • Flower print apron – keeps clothes clean and even looks cute on Matt!
  • REI daypack – goes with me everywhere
  • My iPhone – lets me get away without having internet at home
  • Toaster oven – perfect for baking and saves way more energy than an oven
  • Cheese grater
  • Down comforter – ahhhh
  • Camera – to capture the important non-thing-things in life
  • Water bottle – (this one is from my aunt)
  • Diva cup – (seriously if you have never tried one it will change your life…never buy tampons again and save the planet!)
  • Pyrex storage containers – I have sworn off plastic
  • My house plants
  • Christmas lights in my living room
  • Passport
  • My bracelets from St. Croix

This list is longer than I thought it would be, but actually it made me realize I need to go clean out my closets some more! Moving is a good excuse to do that…hopefully that will be happening soon!!!

This postcard always cracks me up too 🙂


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