Back in Business

This week I have been running around trying to figure out what is wrong with my back. To sum it up, I have a strain/sprain in my lower lumbar, and am taking the ice/heat/rest/Aleve approach. I am feeling much better, but still pretty weak and it hurts by the time I go to bed. Matt is the world’s best caretaker through and making this much easier to deal with.

I really wanted to go cross country skiing this weekend at the Pass to take advantage of all this new snow and cold weather, but I think that will need to wait at least a few weeks until my back is 100% again. I need to find something to do though, Matt is working both days.

We are trying to figure out travel plans for this year. With me starting school in September it needs to be before then. I am considering a trip to Arizona for a long weekend, possibly in April? My mom is looking into a family trip to Vieques in June when Troy graduates. That would be really fun. I am a beach bum going through winter withdrawals.

Still no real leads on a house. Anyone know of a cute, cheap house for rent in a safe part of West Seattle? Let me know.


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