Sunshiny Cold Weekend

It was a stunning weekend, full of fun and good food and sunshine.

Matt and I made steak salads and blackberry cobbler for dinner on Friday night, and then curled up on the couch to watch Swiss Family Robinson. It was a great cozy evening, and went pretty late since we knew we got to sleep in the next morning.

Or so I thought. Actually, Matt woke me up at 7 saying “you’ve got to see this moon!” I went to the window and was greeted by an epically full moon setting over the Olympics basked in early morning sunrise light. It was stunning. The mountains are all snow covered and the water was white capped and steel blue. I ran to grab my camera, popped on my 75-300mm lens and ran outside in the freezing cold to take some photos. It was so beautiful.

I went back to sleep, and then we got up at 10 to make “Port Hadlock Bacon” (or millionaire’s bacon as the chef there called it) with scrambled eggs and fruit salad. You need to try this…soooo good:

Port Hadlock Bacon

(it is really addicting. Plan on eating more than you probably should…)

  • Thick cut bacon
  • Brown sugar
  • Fresh cracked pepper (coarse)

Lay bacon on a sheet pan, and bake in 400 degree oven (or toaster oven for more energy efficient cooking!) for roughly 15-20 minutes until bacon starts to brown slightly. Remove from oven, drain bacon. Place back on the pan with the more “raw” side up. Sprinkle with fresh pepper and brown sugar. Return to oven for 8 to 12 more minutes until sugar is melted and bacon is done to your liking. Enjoy!

The rest of Saturday was rather odd…good, but wasn’t always fun. We had to wait 45 minutes to get AAA to come diagnose Matt’s battery (fixed for free, phew!) and then went to Pike’s Place Market. It was so crowded we could not even get the treats we wanted. It was sunny and cold, so we bought some cheese and went home. For dinner Saturday night we snacked on cheese and bread and grapes, then had salmon risotto and green beans. We sat on the couch watching our Redbox movie RED and snuggled with Lola. Good evening with my best friend.

Sunday Matt had to work at 7 so I slept in then did dishes and cleaned. I met Matt at the Junction for lunch, then hung out with Crystal for coffee and a walk along Alki. It was another spectacularly sunny and cold day, perfect to get out of the house with a friend. Sunday night I made roasted pork tenderloin with leftover risotto, sautéed sweet potatoes and salad.


House update: We found a house to rent (hopefully!) We get to go see the little brick house in West Seattle tomorrow at lunch. There were apparently 50 people who emailed interested in the house after it’s Craigslist posting. Fingers crossed we make a good impression and are at the top of the pile! Fingers crossed.


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