Matt & Marty

On Saturday I had the pleasure of introducing two of the most important men in my life for the first time. Matt and I made chili and took it over to my friend Marty’s apartment for dinner. Marty is one of our oldest and dearest family friends from our days on St. Croix. Two years ago he moved to Seattle to undergo cancer treatment and is not (for the moment) calling Seattle home. Matt has heard about Marty from day one, and it meant so much to finally have them meet.

We broght over chili and cornbread to Marty’s new apartment, which surprisingly or not surprisingly, was totally full of random furniture in a huge stack in the middle of the studio. He had not yet used the oven (luckily it worked and we had yummy cornbread!), and we pulled together three folding chair to eat in a little circle in front of the kitchen sink. The chili was awesome, and Marty supplied some good toppings to make it extra good. We had some great conversation, learning more about his past and also his current status in Seattle. After dinner we took a tour of his building which has a breathtaking view of the city. I had fun playing with night shots on my new camera.

It meant so much to me to have Marty meet Matt, and Matt meet Marty. The world feels like it is somehow better aligned.


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