Red Letter Day

Yesterday was a great day. I woke up feeling like I had gotten a full nights sleep, was motivated and getting new projects at work, had the opportunity to teach a high school class about solar power, and then also got my acceptance letter from BGI!!!! I felt pretty confident that I would be accepted, I really seemed to fit in well at the school, but it never hurts to actually get that letter confirming that, yes, they want ME at their school! I also finished my taxes and the FAFSA form (come on financial aid!) so I should be figuring out soon how I will be able to pay for school. I am hoping that my company chips in, but that is not guaranteed and so I am 50/50 on whether I have to pay for this myself or not. That is the next step to figure out. It feels good to be making progress on that path though.

After work I went grocery shopping and then made dinner for me and Matt. He did not get off till after 9 (these late nights stink), but we still had an enjoyable evening together. He is seriously my best friend and I just love spending time together. We have dinner plans with Marty this weekend (horray!) so we are going to make cornbread and chili on Saturday night and take it over. Marty and Matt have not met yet, and I cannot wait to introduce them. I am seeing my friend Crystal tonight too, hanging out in Freemont to do who-knows-what. I am making a specific effort to see my girlfriends around Seattle more and it is a resolution that is making life really fun!

Happy Friday my lovely readers! Enjoy the weekend J


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