Apartment Search

I am searching for a new apartment. It is always a semi fun and semi frustrating task. I do not have to be out of my place until the end of March, so technically it is probably still too early to look seriously. All the places I find now will be rented on March 1 or sometime in Feb…so really I just need to sit tight and wait. I am not really keen on moving into an apartment complex, and would love a little house with a deck and yard for Alki to hang out on. I hate hearing neighbors. In the meantime I am trying to enjoy my time on the beach to the fullest and soak in as much of the view as I can!

Side-ish note: craigslist is the most amazing website EVER for finding stuff (especially apartments). I also found a potential new TV stand today…a curved front wood dresser! Exactly what I have been searching for. Now fingers crossed the seller emails me back!


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