Whistler Get-Away

Ski weekends are the best! We went to Whistler this weekend for a 4 day get-away. We had amazing snow for skiing on Friday, took Saturday off to play in town, and then perfect weather on Sunday. Amazing weekend!

Matt and I drove up to mom and dad’s on Thursday night and left early Friday morning on the 3 hour drive to Whistler. We encountered a bit of trouble with the ski racks on my car not wanting to open, so at the last minute we had to take mom’s Subaru instead. Thanks mom! The drive was beautiful, and we were on the slopes by 10:30 (a bit late, but not too late). We played on Blackcomb, finding a great tree section off of the Jersey Cream lift that was hardly touched. By 3:00 our legs were exhausted and shaking. We made it back to the car to take off our boots, but then got the news that our room was still not ready. We made the best of it and went to grab a beer and some poutine in the village. By the time we made it to our room at the Market Pavillion we were ready to crash. We had a neat little room, a studio (the kitchen was the highlight) that overlooked the street. Not too close to the slopes, but it was a decent location. We decided our first order of business should be the hot tub. It felt really good on sore ski muscles. We made spaghetti and salad for dinner, and then watched a movie before bed.

Saturday we slept in (hooray for vacation!) and then made eggs, bacon and pancakes for breakfast. We then wandered around town to scope out a place for dinner and took some pictures with my new camera. When we got back to the room Matt wanted to teach me to play Magic cards so he built some decks and I read. We played 3 games, I am starting to catch on and it is pretty fun. I need some more practice. We played until our tummies were growling and then headed down to Citta for burgers. I got a buffalo burger and matt got a bacon/mushroom burger, both were excellent. We watched the first half of Out of Africa, but decided we were took exhausted to finish it that night and hit the hay.

Sunday morning we woke up to clear blue skies and COLD temperatures. Perfect for skiing! We ate some oatmeal, packed PB&J and went to buy lift tickets. We played on Blackcomb till noon and ate lunch up at 7th Heaven, then took the Peak2Peak gondola to Whistler to ski on the other side. Both of us agreed that we did not ski nearly as hard on day 2, probably because we were sore, but had a ton of fun. We both like the same kinds of runs, go about the same speed, and are of comparable ability levels…awesome snow buddies! We had a blast. After a second full day we were beat, and slowly made our way back to the lodge in our gear to make dinner. We had salad, soup and tuna melts for dinner, and then finished Out of Africa before crashing once again.

Monday morning Matt woke up early to make me French toast, eggs and bacon (from his homemade bread even! It was fantastic!) and then we packed, showered and hit the road. On the way home we stopped at Shannon Falls to snap a quick photo, and then took the Aldergrove crossing to get “manure ice cream” at Edeleen Dairy. They have the best soft serve in the world! We spent the afternoon in Ferndale with my mom, walking around Hovander Park with Pepper in the cold, and then played Settlers with my dad. Dinner was awesome and grandma came over to visit. By the time we got home to Seattle at 10 I was wiped out, not ready to go to work the next morning, but very happy to be in my own bed. It was a wonderful weekend. Now we have to plan our next trip!


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