Waterfall in the Woods

I finally got outside this weekend! On Saturday Matt and I rummaged around REI to find him a new pair of hiking boots, then went to Discovery Park to explore in the afternoon sunshine. Yes, sunshine. It was sunny on Saturday! What a treat. He made yummy dover sole for dinner and we played Bizque. It was a good Saturday.

Sunday Matt had to work at 7 so I made date plans with Lana to go hiking out near North Bend at Twin Falls. It was a stunning hike even on a cloudy day, and took us to a spectacular waterfall. It was so nice to get out away from the city. She also got a new camera recently, so we were playing with lenses and setting and snapping photos every 20 steps. So much fun! I am helping her make her wedding album and that is a lot of fun. I love design and layout and making photo books is a great outlet for that. Sunday night Kelly came over and we made Korean flank steak and stuffed peppers. It was nice to hang out outside of our cubes.

This week is long days in the office. I am working 4-10s so that I can take Friday off when Matt and I are skiing in Whistler!!! Woohoo! Can’t wait!!!


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