Path Plan

Huge sigh of relief. Sometimes one phone call, one conversation or perspective can ease so much stress and anxiety it is unbelievable.

Balancing the idea of grad school, work, life, time, family, moving etc etc has really had my head in a mess these past few weeks. I loved BGI when I visited last week, and had a successful interview. It really is a school that I can see myself doing well at and getting a ton of benefit from, both personally and for my career. However, this quest to select a program took a turn when Matt reminded me how much I love science, and made me think about marine resource management at OSU (the program I was considering after undergrad). Too many choices! Well today I think I may have gotten my answer. I called up the director of the Oregon State program and talked through my decision with him. From his guidance, we determined that Sustainable Business would be very helpful, and a good program fit for me. I can supplement it with a certificate in marine resource management…a program that I can do from OSU mostly online! What a perfect fit! I can gain the business knowledge that I need, as well as the credentials to work in the marine and coastal sector. I am so excited to have a path (yes, it is likely to evolve I know) that resonates with me and allows me to gain the knowledge breadth I am craving.

Sigh. It feels good!

I will find out if I am accepted to BGI in two weeks, and then it is on to the funding questions…


I am really looking forward to spending tomorrow with Matt…our first full day off together just the two of us in over a month! Not sure what the plan is yet but I really want to get outside. Sunday I hope to find some cross country skis…J


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