Getting Back to Normal

We are finally getting back to normal life. There are no “out of office” replies when I send emails at work, the commute has other cars again, and life is pretty much just rolling along in 2011 now. I got some bittersweet news last week…my house is going to be torn town this May so I am going to have to move. I will start looking for an apartment soon, but I am bummed to be leaving the beach. I would have loved to spend a second summer there. I am going to stay in West Seattle, hopefully find something with a bit more space and a yard that Alki can play in.

Matt and I celebrated being together for 6 months last night with steak salads and a yummy bottle of pinot noir. We were going to watch a movie but just stayed up talking in my freezing cold apartment. It has been a great 6 months and has FLOWN by. I cannot imagine life without him.

This weekend I am visiting BGI to meet with students and see the campus and classes in action. I started thinking more about going back for marine resource management instead, so am going to use this year as a decision making year after I hear about plans for my work to support this opportunity. I am looking forward to seeing the campus and meeting some students.

Humm, what else is new? I spent some time with my friend Lana on Saturday, and will get to see my Crystal this coming weekend. One of my resolutions was to make more of an effort to stay connected with my friends. It is harder after college now that we are more spread out, but so worth the effort. I found a new pool to try out, so I may grab my goggles and get out there this week. Matt is off today, wed and thurs so maybe we will go for a swim some evening.

All in all, life is good. Smiles from Seattle.


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