3 Days till Vacation!!!

Cruise in 3 days! Oh I cannot wait. Work is bogged down with sticky projects, my knee is bothering me, and the forecast is nothing but rain for the next 5 days. Vacation sounds awesome!

I have packed (for the most part). All swimsuits are vacuum packed in ziplocks to take up less space, my fancy dresses are hanging by the suitcase to reduce wrinkles, my neighbor has been prepped to take care of Alki. Now if only it was Friday…

I said that my knee was bothering me. Something popped up last week and I decided to go see my PT again before the cruise so that it could start being taken care of. She readjusted some things (ouch) and dug into my hamstring and IT band, then I got heated and electrified so I was good to go. I hope it goes away, I really do not want to be dealing with knee pain on the cruise.

I am having a Christmas gift dilemma. I did not really account for the fact that I have NO time to go shopping between now and Christmas, and no, I do not have gifts for everyone yet. I may have to get creative this year. I love wrapping gifts though. Particularly if they are in a box. I can make some awesome wrappings for boxes. I credit my dad for my wrapping abilities. He always does fancy ribbons on his packages and I guess that is where I picked it up.

New topic: I need to take a trip to Costco. Matt and I are out of Romano cheese (we have devoured the massive wedge we bought awhile ago), and I also am going to buy a camera. I have decided on the Canon Rebel T2i, and they have a good deal on it till January 2. I think I will get it between the cruise and Christmas so that I can play with it at home over the holiday weekend. I love going to Costco. The frozen yogurt is to die for…

One final note: thank you for reading my blog! I honestly am not sure who reads this, but it is fun to see that people are reading, or at least opening it up.


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