Two Cougs in Seattle

Work has gotten crazy these past few weeks. One of our teammates left suddenly leaving behind a very unprofessional hole of missing and incomplete, disorganized work for us to sort through. It has been pretty messy and stressful, but luckily we have a good team to put it back together. It just interrupts our projects and makes the work day much less enjoyable.

I did have a good weekend though. Friday night Matt and I went to the Columbia Tower for dinner again. And once again had a fabulous meal and enjoyed the wonderful view from the top of Seattle. We ate in the library this time and got the best table in the place. Fun night. After dinner we walked through Westlake Center to look at the Christmas lights and people rushing around.

Saturday morning we went shopping for last minute cruise stuff (ie: a Speedo for Matt!), some skinny jeans for me to wear with boots, Christmas gifts and to see his brother at the new rock shop he works at. The Apple Cup started at 4:00 so we went to the Marco Polo in Georgetown, a little divey Coug bar that was crammed full of crimson and grey. The perfect place to watch our team! We shared a basket of really awesome fried chicken and a pitcher of Manny’s, and even though we lost, it was a great game.

Sunday was relax day for me. While Matt worked I hung out with Alki, cleaned, we watched a movie, I packed for the cruise. I am so excited to leave on Friday!!! I have 9 swimsuits packed for a 7 day trip…hummmm…oh I can’t wait for vacation!


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