Very Thankful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is wonderful: a long weekend to spend with family, friends, and far more good food than one should consume in a weekend. It was neat to hear that my “sister” Alice, our exchange student from Kazakhstan who now lives with her new husband in Spain, was recreating her favorite holiday memory from living with us by tracking down a turkey in Spain and cooking up and thanksgiving feast!

I spent Thanksgiving day with Matt’s family. We went to his Aunt Rosemary’s house and ate with his dad’s siblings and their families. I had met about half of them at Martin and Emily’s engagement party so it is was fun to meet the rest of the crowd. After lots of good food and laughter we drove to Ferndale to visit my parents. Friday was Thanksgiving: Take 2 with a whole new complete feast with my mother’s amazing thanksgiving staples. Oh how I love my mom’s cooking. We were all a bit worried because a friend was making the renowned carrot puff…but it came out perfectly and we were all relieved. The kiddos (aka the 20-28 year olds) ate picnic style in the living room while the adults (aka everyone who is over the age of 28) got to sit at the table. We played Pounce and Beyond Balderdash, and then destroyed 4 pies between the 16 of us there. It was a good day.

Saturday we tromped in the mud to get grandma a Christmas tree and collect boughs for wreath making. It was fun showing Matt the back 40 and get outside. We then came in for turkey and noodles and playing Settlers of Catan. Matt destroyed us all and won both games. Driving back on Saturday night was not too bad, the roads were clear and we were full after three days of food.

Sunday was recovery. I slept in then ran some errands. I rode my bike to the Junction to meet Matt for coffee on his break. Then we went to his parent’s for Sunday dinner. It was a good weekend. Getting back to work has been tough, but we are off on a cruise in 9 days so I need to get some things done!


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