Snowed In!

Well, getting home from work last night sure was an adventure! During the day we got about and inch of snow, and then at around 3:oo it all turned to ice. I was coming from the hospital downtown and had about 7 miles to get home. I left there at 3:30 and finally hit the West Seattle lower bridge around 5:30. By hitting it I mean almost literally. I practically slid down the on-ramp. Very scary. I was stuck in traffic for the next half hour trying to decide if I could attempt to go over the bridge to go home. Cars were sliding all over the place and the wind was almost 20-30 miles an hour. It was freezing out. I managed to find a place to pull over in a parking l0t (never mind the signs: DO NOT PARK HERE! You will be prosecuted! Hanged, murdered! ok so the last part was joke but you get the picture…no parking). I locked up my little mini and decided to trek home on foot in the blizzard. I am so glad that I did. They ended up closing the bridge, cars were abandoned all over the freeway. It was a nightmare. I walked across the bridge with some other people, and then ended up hitch hiking about a mile to cut down on walking in the cold. Luckily Matt lives closer to the bridge than I do, so I just trekked up the hill to his place. I was so relieved that I got home in one piece. I know that some of my coworkers were stranded at work, one guy got his car smashed on the freeway and had to leave it and walk home from there. What a mess.

Matt and I are about to go rescue my little car. Luckily it is beautiful and really cold out, and the roads are looking a little clearer. I hope that we can get her out ok and then come back to work from his apartment and make some homemade pasta.

Fingers crossed that we can still make all our thanksgiving plans. We are supposed to go to Matt’s Aunt Rosemary’s Thursday and then head up to my parents for the weekend.


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