On the Road Again…

Yes, I am on the road again. This time to the exciting destination of Primeville, Oregon. Woohoo. I am holed up in the Best Western doing interview assistance for three days with a neat crew from Seattle. It is nice to get out of the office for a few days, but I miss being home, my cat, Matt, and it is also hard to get things done like I can at my desk. Oh well, I am learning to balance travel and work and life and really do enjoy mixing it up. It is COLD here. It is supposed to snow either today or tomorrow.

This weekend was Matt’s older brother’s engagement party at his parents house. It was fun meeting Emily the bride-to-be, and some more of their extended family. Sunday I went on a shopping day with my friend Beth and found Matt some birthday presents and myself a pair of brown leather flat boots that I am totally in love with. Now I just need some skinny jeans to wear tucked inside them.

Matt and I are planning a winter ski vacation to Whistler at the end of January. We have been scanning the options of places to stay (Whistler is not a cheap place to go) but think we found something that would work. I cannot wait to get back up there and play in the snow! We keep finding so many things to look forward that we are doing together. This weekend is Matt’s birthday (and on Wednesday we will have been dating 4 months!) so we are celebrating with some fun plans this weekend. Then we have Thanksgiving to look forward to split between his aunt’s house and my parents. Then the cruise, then Christmas in Ferndale, New Years (probably going to a dance/dinner) and then Whistler! My parents are also looking at a quick trip to the WA coast sometime late winter that we could join in on. That would be a lot of fun. Things are just so fun and busy right now. I love it!


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