2nd Annual Cider Pressing

It is time to play some catch up with writing in this blog! I have been very neglectful that is for sure.

A few weeks ago we had a cider pressing weekend at my parent’s in Ferndale. We invited all our friends, Matt and I drove up from Seattle, his parents came, and we had a full day of food, fun and of course, gallons of cider. This is the second year that we have done an annual pressing. This year was much smoother since we had the system down pat by the time the first apples were being pressed. Last year we spent a bunch of time working out the kinks. We had planned for rain but totally lucked out with sunshine (!) and it only began to sprinkle just as we were starting to clean up.

It was fun to see so many friends from Ferndale. It was mostly parent’s friends, but my prom date Michael brought his girlfriend over, my friend Kelly came from work, and Beth, my 2nd grade friend from St.Criox-now-living-in-West-Seattle came up as well! Fun fun day. The cider was amazing.

After the excitement and food filled day on Saturday we took it easy on Sunday. We slept in, then Matt, Mom and I went on a walk down to Point Whitethorn to play on the beach. At home we played Settlers and drank more cider. It was a great harvest weekend.


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