Alissa & Anthony’s Wedding

What a whirlwind, but so much fun weekend. My cousin Alissa got married in Grand Blanc, MI, and I was there to support her as her maid of Honor alongside our cousin Rachel. The three of us have been so close even though we are physically far apart. We have been the 3 musketeers our entire lives. It was such an honor to stand up for Alissa at the beginning of this stage of her life.

I arrived in Grand Blanc at 1:00am on Friday morning….yes, I was exhausted. I almost missed by connection in Atlanta and was running through that airport praying I had not left anything critical on the plane. With minutes to spare I was in my seat and headed to MI…and was very relieved. Friday was full of scoping out photo spots (mom was the photographer with gave me another role as photography assistant on top of the MOH duties), figuring out logistics of moving people around, seeing family, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, pedicures, (lunch? what’s that?), and then crashing at the groom’s brother’s house for the night. Alissa, Rachel and I of course stayed up far later than was smart, but we were too excited and too happy to see each other to sleep. We swapped stories about our lives growing up, summers at the farm, all our adventures, and dug out details about our cousin who the next morning would be the first one of us to walk down the aisle. It was a fun night.

6:00am should have felt early when my alarm went off…but we were all wide awake and just started giggling when it went off. Wedding day! We showered, started makeup, ate some breakfast, and headed to the salon to have out hair done. The original plan was to do it ourselves, but I made the executive decision that we needed to just go so that we were not worrying about it…good call, Alissa was so happy with her hair. From there we rushed to the church to get dressed, take bride/maid pics, then hide inside while mom did the guy’s pics, then by 11:00 it was showtime!

The wedding went off without a hitch…unless you count the bug that was stuck in Alissa’s veil and eventually crawled down Anthony’s tux. No drama, just some amusement for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to watch. The ceremony was short and sweet, very personal since Anthony’s brother was the pastor. After the ceremony we did the customary family group photos…which can sometimes be like herding cats, but everyone was pretty efficient and cooperative.

Then we headed outside to get some cool photos of the wedding party with the ’34 Ford they borrowed as the get-away car. Great prop, I am excited to see the pictures. The reception was held at the Historic Holly Hotel in Holly, MI. About 15 minutes away. Mom and I drove with the bride and groom to take some scenic photos along the way, and then we all settled in for afternoon tea, cake and dancing. I was already exhausted by the time we arrived. My toast went well, even though I teared up through the whole thing. We danced and hung out till around 5:30, pelted A&A with birdseed as they made their exit, and then went home to change. Getting out of that dress and shoes felt awesome. We all headed to the pastor’s for pizza and to send off A&A one last time as they drove away for their mini-moon. I went home and went to bed. What a day. I needed a foot rub and a long time to sleep, but was so happy that the day went so well.

Sunday I woke up with not nearly enough sleep. We said goodbye to family in the hotel lobby, then packed and drove around Michigan to see the fall colors, parks, and visit a cider mill. We bought some cider and doughnuts and enjoyed them along a creek with fall colors all around us on a beautiful 70 degree day. As beautiful as it was, I was exhausted and ready to be home in Seattle.

The flight (or should I say flights?) home was so long. We did not get to Seattle until 12, home at 1. Matt picked me up at the airport and it was so good to see him. His mom even sent some leftovers so I would have something to eat. Alki was pretty happy to see me when I got home. It felt so good to be back in my bed.

Now for a week of work and trying to catch up on sleep. I am still exhausted but will make it through. There is always something else to look forward to next!

(pictures still to come…be sure to check back!)


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