Peanut Butter in the Airport

I am sitting in the SeaTac airport eating a PB&J sandwich, on my way to Michigan (via Atlanta…go figure!) for my cousin’s wedding. I was in a weird head space as I was packing and still feel like I forgot something critical. I have my dress and shoes and gift so all the critical things are covered at least! And they are letting me check my bag for free. Sweet.

It is probably a good weekend to be out of town for anyway since Matt has to work sat/sun and is getting sick. Poor guy. He never gets sick and then boom, all at once. Two weeks ago he had strep/tonsilitis and now a cold. He is taking care of my cat and missing me this weekend. I am already excited for him to pick me up at the airport on sunday night.

Dance class has been a lot of fun. We are learning alot and really enjoying it. Now we need to find some time to practice. Matt and I are planning to go pick pumpkins soon, and then go up to my parents for the weekend of the 23/24 (he got both days off!!!!) for cider pressing. I am really looking forward to that! I cannot believe how fast this month is flying. I will be 24 before I know it. Work is going well too. I have some new projects including LEED certification for a building. I am the project manager on that one…lots of responsibility and that feels good. I am going to do my best to do well. This week I got to go teach at a local high school about sustainable sites and that was really fun. Teaching is cool and I really seemed to connect with the class.  
I am still considering grad school and trying to figure out how that will fit into the scheme of things. There are so many thing to try and do, prioritizing is hard. I am looking forward to going to the BGI info night to learn more about the program next week.
They are trying to get me to board. Flying…it has totally lost it’s luster but I still love taking off. I love flying over Seattle and trying to pick out my favorite places from the sky. I wave at my kitty if we fly over West Seattle. I love traveling but I also love coming home to this fantastic place. I feel so lucky to live in a place that I absolutely love.

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