Paddle Boat on Tiger Lake

Matt and I spent most of this weekend out at his parent’s lake property on Tiger Lake. We were hoping for sun, but instead got a cool end-of-summer/beginning-of-fall day that was perfect for sitting by the fire. We camped in the trailer that is parked out there, and then got up to make oatmeal over the fire. They have a paddle boat and we took that around the entire lake, looking at all the different houses and lots and tried to decide which were year round home and which were summer getaways. Matt told me stories about him and his brothers and the adventures they had out there during their childhood summers. When we had made it around the whole lake we headed back to make hot dogs, baked beans and roasted corn on the fire. So good! Yes, camping is all about watching food cook!

We took the paddle boat out one last time when the afternoon sun was making the whole lake golden. Too bad we had to drive back to Seattle instead of spend a second night out there. Matt had to get up early to work on Sunday and I had errands to run. It was a really great Saturday though!

On Sunday I ran errands to the farmers market, found my cousin a wedding present (finally! Her wedding is this weekend…), a suitcase! (again, also finally since I am flying out to the wedding on Thursday!) a really nice cozy sweater and some glasses and a compost bucket for Matt. Very successful day. We went to Matt’s parent’s house for dinner and had some really good lentil soup. I brought monster cookies for dessert and they were quite a hit.

Cider pressing is in a few weeks. I am trying to rally up friends to come up from Seattle to press apples with us. I am really looking forward to it. Before that though I have Alissa’s wedding this weekend in Michigan, a bunch of work to get done, and dance lessons on Tuesday. Crazy times are so much fun!


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