Zombie Blues

Matt and I had our second blues dance lesson with Ari last night. Good thing it it blues which is meant to be done late at night when you are tired. We are both pretty sleep deprived with out opposite schedules, but are managing to make due. Last night’s lesson was much better than the first. I was way more relaxed and able to focus on the dancing. It is a pretty cool set up. We are doing lessons in Ari’s house (it is really similar to my house in Pullman with the large dining/living room and wooden floors but he has them furniture free for a dance studio!), and it is a small group of about 6 pairs. We rotate around every 10 minutes or so to learn how to dance with other people and avoid bad habits. It is so much fun! Matt and I are by far the youngest in the class, but we are having so much fun. We were even asked to demonstrate a cool move that Matt mastered last week! Woohoo! Too bad they are so late. There are some neat blues clubs around Seattle that we need to check out too. There is just not enough time! We are looking forward to dancing on the cruise in December.


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