Tri-ing New Things

Seattle in the fall has interesting weather. This past weekend the forecast was all rain.

Well, it turned out more like this: rain, sun, rain, sun, downpour, lightning, sun, wind!, sun, dark.

Even with the bizarre weather it was a really fun weekend. Matt and I made amazing French toast with honey butter on Saturday morning, then I went out for Chai with my friend Crystal downtown. We wandered through some cute little shops and had a good long catch up session. Matt made miso soup with scallops, green onion, seaweed and mushrooms…yum!

Sunday I woke up early early early to go swim in the Trek Women’s Triathlon with my swim student Celine. It was a half mile in Lake Washington (cold!) and I am scared to death to swim in lakes, but sucked it up to support her. I should have just done the whole race, but decided to jump out after the swim. I was so proud of her for completing her first tri! Great job girl!

After the race I went home to shower and warm up, then to see my friend Lana…she and her husband just bought their first house! It is really pretty cute and I am so jealous of all the projects they now have to do! I cannot wait to have a house someday. We went out to lunch and then I did my grocery shopping, and then met up with Matt to go out to his parent’s house for Sunday dinner. Mom and dad were at my apartment when I got home, curled up on the couch watching Planet Earth. We hung out for awhile then went to bed. I was airport shuttle service taking them to SeaTac in the morning for their trip to Hawaii. I can’t wait for my next vacation! Michigan wedding in Oct and Caribbean cruise in December! Woot!

On Monday I finally made it to yoga (horray!) and then Matt picked me up from work to go to the Space Needle for a fish industry event where we got free valet parking, rides to the top, and all the awesome fish and meat samples you could want. We were stuffed by the time we left, but enjoyed the beginnings of a sunset from the top of the Seattle skyline. Good free evening date night!

We just started dancing again. We registered for some small group blues classes with one of the instructors from the summer dancing in the park series, Ari Levvit. He is so cool and a really good teacher. Lessons are every Tuesday evening for 3 hours (!) at his house, and last night was the first session. Oh learning to dance is so much fun! Now time to find Matt some snazzy dance shoes 🙂

Tonight I need to pick up my bridesmaid dress in Bellevue for Alissa’s wedding. I need to decide if the shoes I have will work well enough or if I need to go shop for some new ones. Tonight is pesto and gnocci night.


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