Sleeping In

Home sweet home! This was my first weekend in Seattle in 6 weeks…6 WEEKS! It has been a full summer that is for sure. Now that the fall weather is back it means shorter days, cooler weather and time to make soup for dinner instead of grilled salmon (although I am sure grilled salmon will stay on the menu). Sleeping in on Saturday was wonderful! In the afternoon I went to buy a pair of Rainbow’s (flip flops) and then went to Federal Way with my friend Kelly and her family for a pig roast. Yummy. I will need to have my parents do that sometime. 69 pounds of pig feeds a lot of people. It was held at a beautiful home in Federal Way overlooking the Sound. Breathtaking evening, really nice atmosphere.

Sunday I slept in again and then worked out at the Hiawatha track in West Seattle. These workouts are kicking my butt and I am thankful of that! It feels so good to be working out consistently again. Then I went to the Fish Company to have lunch with Matt on his break. We wandered the farmers market then chowed down on some turkey/avocado/sheep milk cheese sandwiches on his homemade bread in our downtown park. Sundays are a much more fun schedule for us, he got off at 4 so we made gnocchi (from scratch) and patty pan squash for dinner, then went off to go bowling with his friends from work. It was a fun night out.

This week I fly to Minneapolis for a business trip. Tonight is girls dinner with my friend Crystal after yoga and working out. Good start to the week!


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