Happy Eid!

Three years ago today I was celebrating with my family in Pemba the end of the Islam month of Ramadan. I was wearing a long bright teal and sparkly dress, a black bui bui to cover it up (obvious move right?) and feasting with my family. My sisters and I went to the Eid fair near Chake Chake, wandered around to see the celebration. We rode on the sketchiest Ferris wheel I think I had ever seen. It is a celebration right!?

This year will be a bit more subdued. Although I am not Muslim, I loved seeing that culture celebrate their Holy Days and the pure joy that they bring. This year, I see no real signs of Eid, no laughing celebrations, for most of the people I know it is just one of those unknown marked days on the calendar…if that at all. To my family in Pemba, I am thinking of you. Happy Eid, and Salam Alaikum.


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