Road Trip to Idaho! (Congrats Joe & Ellie!)

Labor Day weekend = road trip to Idaho!

My friend from both high school and college, Ellie, got married this weekend. She and her husband has purchased a beautiful 80 acre property near Harrison, ID and have been building a barn, pasture and eventually house there for the past year. They decided it would be the perfect place for a wedding, and they choose really well. It was stunning. Matt and I drove from Seattle Saturday morning to make the 4:00 ceremony. The drive was beautiful (as Cougs we do have a soft spot for Eastern WA) and we took our time tootling around Harrison on the way. We grabbed some lunch at a diner, then checked into our B&B, the Boar’s Head Inn, and then hit the road in fancy clothes for the wedding. Too bad we did not read the full directions sooner though…at about 3:59 we realized that we were 25 miles down the wrong road. Not fun. We spun around and booked it to the wedding…barely made it in time but did get to see their vows. It was a great wedding…beautiful spot overlooking lake Coeur d’ lane, wind blowing, very happy bride and groom completed with cowboy booted bridesmaids. It was so Ellie and Joe it was awesome.

The reception was fun, we wandered around the property and took pictures, had some dinner, and did quite a bit of dancing. We did not really know anyone there, but the crowd was fun and we had a good time. I caught the bouquet!

The next day we took our time getting out of Harrison for the 6 hour drive home. We stopped for ice cream in Cle Ellum, then stopped to say hi to Matt’s parents in Issaquah, then on to West Seattle to meet my parents for dinner. We also stopped in Thorp for cases of fresh peaches…so yummy! I brought mom 2 25-lb boxes and they looked divine.

It was a good weekend. I enjoyed Monday off of work…to bad Matt had to work. We did manage to make lunch together though thanks to him working a split shift. We made yummy sandwiches and homemade potato leek soup. Perfect for the rainy fall day. Did I just say that? You can defiantly feel that fall is in the air here.


2 thoughts on “Road Trip to Idaho! (Congrats Joe & Ellie!)

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