Nachos in Seattle

So I have this idea.

Seattle is known for its happy hours. Great food, super cheap, usually accompanied by a not-so-cheap drink (or two, or three). It is a great opportunity to get together with friends after work, or have a pretty inexpensive date night out.

My friend Kelly and I make it to happy hour pretty regularly, and have noticed a trend that we always order nachos. Not much beats a plate of hot tortilla chips drenched in ooey, gooey cheese, guacamole, meat, onions, salsa, and the other assorted toppings that places use to make their own “signature” nachos.

So what is this idea you ask? Our cravings for nachos have been satisfied across the city at a variety of venues so far, and I have decided to make it my own personal mission to find the best nachos in Seattle and share these discoveries with the world (or at least those of you who read my blog). So on I go, on an adventure with no time agenda, no specific criteria, simply sharing nachos with friends and reporting back via my keyboard to share the results.



Nachos Stop 1 – Matador, West Seattle

Amazing start. HUGE, like, H-U-G-E plate piled high with spiced chicken, tons of topping and oodles of cheese. Pretty awesome for $5…never mind that our cocktails were closer to $10 each. I had a Tamarindo (Sauza Gold, triple sec, fresh lime juice and fresh Tamarind juice, Served with a cinnamon sugar rim). Oooo yummy. Review #1: awesome!

Nachos Stop 2 – The Ram, Northgate Mall

Eh, not the greatest. Decent, but it felt like any other run of the mill chain. Nothing too special, but we knew the bar tender and got a discount. Skip it.


Nachos Stop 3 – The Celtic Swell, Alki Beach, West Seattle

First of all, I have to say that this is one of my favorite places to meet up with friends, regardless of the presence of nachos. Nachos at a Celtic bar might seem odd, but they do a good job (the portion shrank too which has its benefits and drawbacks). Good solid place, the Irish Margahrita is fantastic, I was forced to try one after they discontinued my favorite drink, the Ginger Lemon Drop (Yazi ginger vodka & lemoncello muddled with lemon…yum!).

Nachos Stop 4 – Rock Bottom Brewery, Downtown Seattle

Again, a decent chain with pretty predictable nachos. The flatbread ordered next to us looked better. Again, we knew the bar tender and got a discount. Easy to get to if you are downtown, but don’t go out of your way.

Nachos Stop 5 – Twist, Belltown

Smaller portion, but interesting combination with wild boar as the meat of choice on this pile of cheese and chips. I was not a fan of the guacamole on this plate, but overall cheesy and satisfying. Drinks were good, but the atmosphere of Twist was a bit uppity for my taste. I felt like I needed to be wearing a slinky dress and a whole lot more makeup to fit in at this Belltown spot.


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