Growlers & Good Food

It is the last day of August and the rain finally came back. Seattle was woken up with a sound we have not heard for months…the sound of raindrops and wind. I had left my kitchen door open and my apartment was pretty chilly!

My knee is finally starting to feel normal again, and I went to my PT Dr. Ross (aka Dr. Tri) for him to walk me through a strength workout program he designed for me to literally get my butt back in gear. It is 56 days of workouts, 5 days per week. Complete variety, short really intense workouts that require minimal equipment and lots of muscle power. I am pretty excited to start on this program. We talked about a goal of mine to do a half ironman…St. Croix is the real goal, but I think I may train for the Victoria, BC half in May 2011. That would be awesome. I think I am more of a tri-gal than a marathoner. I was so excited about this new burst of inspiration to start working out again (going on a cruise in Dec and wearing a swimsuit for a week has that effect too….) got me all pumped up. I need to buy a medicine ball and a PVC pipe at Home Depot and I am set!

Yesterday I stopped by the Fish Company after my workout to deliver a leftover growler of Manny’s to Matt and the guys at the shop. I gained some serious cool girlfriend points!  This has been a week of good food. Matt made cioppino (Italian fish soup) on Sunday (so good) and then last night I made pork tenderloin, corn on the cob and Matt complimented it with bacon/walnut green beans. Cooking meals with and for someone else is so much better than making dinner solo. I am much more creative and willing to make a real meal rather than a one pot pasta dish. Matt and I have come up with good meus: from-scratch calzones, pizza, pesto pasta, fajitas, miso soup…all has been really good. He is a great cook and really fun to be with in the kitchen.

Ahh, the rain smells and feels so good. It did make me just want to curl up in bed all day though. I am excited to have that chance one of these days. For now though, it is go-go-go the rest of the summer!


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