Weekend in Ferndale

Summer is coming to an end too fast! We still have so much we want to do before the sunshine and long days end. This weekend Matt and I went up to Ferndale to spend a day with my family…crazy times at the Carter’s as always! We got there around 11 on Friday night, said hi and crashed. Saturday morning we got to sleep in, then filled the day with picking blueberries, crabbing, a Topper’s concert, and Settlers on the deck. Great day, LONG drive home to Seattle that night. I was really ready to crawl into bed by the time I got home.

Sunday was a nice recovery. I slept till 10 (felt really bad for Matt since he had to work at 7 and did not get that luxury) then went to the farmers market to see my friend Beth and her mom. They were friends back in St. Croix who are now transplants to WA! So cool! We wandered the market and I spent ALL my cash on gorgeous veggies. We have such a great market in West Seattle. After that I went grocery shopping and then met Matt for lunch downtown at Lee’s for some really good Asian food. Then I met Crystal for some tea and caught up with her. That was nice, it is hard to see her when we are not running together all the time. I am so glad to have her in West Seattle too.

On that note, I cannot tell you how much I love living here. West Seattle is such a great community. I am starting to run into people all around town…my coworkers, the girl that works at Mud Bay where I buy cat food, Matt and his buddies from the Fish Company, I really like it. Main street is so much fun to walk down, filled with quaint shops and awesome restaurants. I am so happy here. This has been a great summer.

Work is going well. We had a big presentation in Lacey last week, and I also had a business trip to Spokane that went well. I like the projects that I am working on and really starting to feel like I have my legs under me in making calls and dealing with clients. It is pretty cool to be managing projects. I am still making mistakes, and learning a TON, but am starting to feel much more confident.

Matt and I are looking for our next dancing venue. We want to keep taking lessons and learning more. There is just not enough time!


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